Academic position

2008 Associate Professor of “Informatics – Digital Systems’ Programming”, Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia (FEK of Appointment: 374/22-04-08 τ. Γ΄).

Previous academic positions

2002-2008 Assistant Professor and later Associate Professor of “Informatics’ Applications in Education”, Department of Early Childhood Education, School of Education, University of Western Macedonia.


1993 Computer & Informatics Engineer, Polytechnic School of Patras, graduated with honors (8.62 / 10).
1998 Ph.D. with honors from the Applied Informatics Department, University of Macedonia with a 3-year support from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation.
1999 Graduate of the School of Educational Officers for Vocational and Technical Education (SELETE), Pedagogical Technical School (PATES), with honors (9.00 / 10).

Foreigh languages

English Exceptional ability in work and study settings (Cambridge Proficiency, Michigan Proficiency, Cambridge First Certificate).
Italian Very good knowledge (Medio Palso).